Investigation System

The system, which is utilized for feedbacks or complaints, is called "the investigation system" for practices, attitudes and behaviors, styles and expressions, which do not comply with the rules of conduct and ethical framework defined by the foundation's policies during WALD activities and in any case or situation for persons working on behalf of WALD.



The purpose of the investigation system are:


To maintain service quality standards,

To increase the WALD team's capacity,

To ensure compliance with operating rules and foundation policies,

To eliminate attitudes and behaviors, which may harm the activities,

Accountability for beneficiaries, work team, donors, governmental agencies and WALD's working networks/platforms,

To ensure that WALD practices comply with international humanitarian standards, child protection policies, human rights, women's rights, children's rights, and donor rights agreements,

To prevent illegal attitudes and behaviors.



Any person from the WALD team, who volunteers or the paid workers,  shall be subject to the investigation process for complaints.


WALD'S Board of Directors is responsible for:

Establishing a system to receive complaints and feedback,

Making assessment on the persons, who are complained about, and protecting their rights,

Granting the right of defense to the person complained about,

Establishing an independent investigation committee, when it deems necessary,

Providing a work environment for the investigation committee,

Making decisions by evaluating the investigation committee's assessment,

Communicating the result with justifications to the person complained about,

Informing the complainant who shares his/her feedback about the process and the result,

Taking legal actions when an illegal practice is reported,

Planning and organizing the steps to be taken.

When there is any complaint about any of the members of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors may request calling for the extraordinary general assembly to be held as a result of the preliminary evaluation. (The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly for a period of 2 years. The legal procedures for a change in the Board are specified in WALD's Code and Regulations.)



The framework for the investigation system has been drawn up with WALD's policy documents, working rules and legal boundaries.

All members of the team start working by assuring that they shall comply with these documents in addition to the cooperation and/or the employment contract.

In case of improper attitudes and attitudes to the basic approaches, the employment contract may be terminated by WALD and legal actions shall be taken in case of illegal attitudes.



1. Receiving complaints and feedback:

a. A reference person, who is not affiliated with the chairman of the Board of Directors shall be determined, and this person manages the task by agreeig to comply with a special privacy agreement.

b. A special form is filled in to receive written or verbal feedback and complaints.

c. The relevant e-mail address and the phone number are published on the web page and in the WALD office.

D. The complainant's contact information is taken, and he/she shall be informed that he/she shall be contacted following an investigation.

to. The complaint subject shall be recorded in a clear and detailed manner.

f. The information is shared only with the chairman of the Board of Directors due to their confidential nature.


2. First assessment and the right to defend:

a. The first assessment should be made and finalized within 48 hours of the complaint.

b. The chairman of the Board of Directors shall communicate the case to other board members, and evaluates the subject of feedback and complaint.

c. This assessment is made within the Board, protecting the personal rights of the person who has provided feedback.

d. In case of non-compliance with foundation's policies and codes of conduct, the person shall be temporarily removed from office.

to. The person shall asked to give an explanation on the subject of the complaint, and his/her statement shall be taken both in written and oral forms. In this process, the identity of the complainant shall be kept confidential.

f. The Board of Directors may resort to using 3 different options at the end of this process:

I. It is determined that the complaint is invalid and non-existent, which is explained to the person complained about, and the person in question continues his/her duty.

ii. It may resolve to conduct a detailed investigation for the complaint; in such cases the Board of Directors shall decide to convenethe independent investigation committee. The period of temporary removal of the complained person shall be extended, and shall be assigned away from the site until the result is received.

iii. Compliance with the foundation's policies and rules of conduct may be determined in such a way that the complaint does not require an investigation by the investigation committee. In this case, the employment contract is terminated under the provisions regarding the cases preventing the continuation of the employment contract.

g. In all 3 cases, the result is communicated to the complainant  with justification. The form of communicating the result (orally or in writing) is determined by the Board of Directors.


3. Formation of the independent investigation committee:

a. The independent investigation committee consists of 5 people.

b. The members of the investigation committee are selected among the WALD members and/or from outside the WALD according to their expertise.

c. The members are selected depending on the subject, and there shall always be a lawyer in each investigation committee to evaluate the legal framework.

D. The committee shall include one or more members specialized on international humanitarian principles, gender equality, child protection policies, fight against discrimination, combating corruption and bribery, combating violence and mobbing, human rights, women and children's rights.

to. At least two people qualified to apply healthy investigation techniques shall be present in the committee.

f. WALD shares its working policies, regulations and rules of conduct with the investigation committee; In the examination, it is stated that the legal limits should be taken as a basis with the mentioned documents.

g. In order to protect the personal rights of both the complainant and the complained person, an investigation-specific privacy documents shall be signed by the members of the investigation committee.

h. An attendance fee shall be paid to the members of the investigation committee at the end of their activity. This fee shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors.

4. Functioning of the independent investigation committee:

a. The investigation committee convenes for the issue, and dissolves when the issue is resolved.

b. The evaluation made by the investigation committee is advisory.

c. The investigation committee shall be given a 4-week period to finalize the investigation.

D. The committee shall be provided with a venue in the WALD office for meetings and interviews.

to. The members of the committee shall be informed in detail about the complainant, the complaint, the complained person or situation.

f. The Board of Directors selects one of its members to communicate with the committee.

g. The investigation committee is authorized in writing by the Board of Directors to hold meetings with the other members of the team when it is deemed necessary by the relevants parties in the WALD office.

h. The WALD team is informed about the committee, but the subject of the investigation and personal information may not be disclosed.

I. When the investigation is concluded, WALD's Board of Directors is given a written report.


5. The independent investigation committee's evaluation and the decision of the Board of Directors:

a. The decision of the investigation committee is evaluated by the WALD's Board of Directors.

b. Three different practices may be opted in accordance with the advisory decision:

I. As soon as it is determined that the complaint is found to be invalid or unethical, the person in question resumes his former position and the investigation is ended.

ii. In the event that the complaint is found to be incompatible with the foundation's policies and working rules, the employment contract is terminated under the provisions regarding the discontinuation of the employment as specified in the employment contract. In the event that there is an illegal act, legal remedies shall be applied.

iii. In the event that the complaint is found to be in conflict with the foundation's policies and rules of conduct, but the case is deemed to be improvable for both the act and the person complained, the employment shall continue with a ”written warning" and/or relocation of the person's workplace. The subject is recorded in the personnel file.

c. The complainant shall be informed on the result in person or in writing alongside the reasons.

D. The investigation is ended in such a way that no personal rights are violated.



WALD's Investigation System shall enter into force after approval by WALD's Board of Directors. WALD Board of Directors shall be referred to for all kinds of notifications and complaints regarding the issue.