About Us

Established in 1993, World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) is a non-governmental organization, serving for the public benefit. For WALD, democratic local governments are main institutions to establish and maintain democracy and human rights, thus, local governments should always revise, discuss and improve their fundamental principles.

Bringing theory and practice together under a single roof and enabling to share ideas and experience, WALD has united local government and democracy concepts in a common platform and supported activities to promote a deeper understanding of democracy among local governments since May 10, 1993. WALD also offers a forum on which activities are conducted and announced to the public in order to share goals of democracy and human rights and create an efficient local administration and governance. 

Adopting a right-based approach in its local government activities, WALD takes an active role in national and international projects contributing to development of environments that encourage to create equal opportunities for especially women, children, the young, the disabled and all disadvantaged groups and support their active participation in the society. In line with this purpose, WALD is engaged in activities which make a difference in human life by creating unique, innovative and permanent values to ensure the development of social potential and to hand down the awareness of social sensitivity through generations.

You can download the World Academy for Local Government and Democracy Charter Here.

You can watch our introductory video from here