Our Project on “Organization of Local Initiatives and Testing of Experiences in Migrants’ Accommodation”, which we have prepared under the European Union (EU) Civil Society Dialogue IV Justice, Freedom and Security Political Criteria Donation Program and will carry out in partnership with Belgian Immigration Research and Study Institute (IRFAM) was found successful in the assessment phases. Following the signature of an agreement with the EU Ministry, Central Finance and Tender Unit, our project started in February 2016.

Through the Settlement of Refugees Project, the objective is to develop sharing, dialogue and cooperation between non-governmental organizations that are implementers of original and successful projects concerning the migration and refugees in Europe and other non-governmental organizations, institutions and corporations in Turkey.

The opening ceremony of the project took place on April 20, 2016, in the Immigration, Culture and Gastronomy Summit in cooperation with WALD, UCLG-MEWA and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. The opening speeches were delivered by WALD Chairman of the Executive Board Mehmet Duman, Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin, the then Governor of Gaziantep Ali Yerlikaya and then President of the Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD), Dr. Fuat Oktay and then Republic of Turkey Deputy Prime Minister Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın Akdoğan. 

The speeches mainly underlined the fact that migration, which dated back to human history, was in close and intense interaction with political, social, economic and cultural developments, and it always shaped the civilizations; therefore, our “Settlement of Refugees Project” has special importance in this regard. The program started with the session moderated by then Republic of Turkey EU Ministry Political Affairs Office President Ege Erkoçak. The session which included six presentations in total revolved around the topic “Financing and Multi-Actor Cooperation for Municipalities Facing the Syrian Immigrant Flow. 

Project Training Program

The certified training program was conducted under the “Organization of Local Initiatives and Testing Experiences in Activities For Immigrants - Settlement of Immigrants Project” carried out within the framework of the EU Ministry Civil Society Dialogue IV Donation Program. The training program took place at our Foundation’s Headquarters in Sultanahmet between August 22 - September 2, 2016. 

During the five-day training program, which drew great interest among participants, the covered topics included Problems and Needs of Immigrants, Policies on Immigration in Turkey and Projects Implemented, History of Immigration in Turkey and the Latest Immigrations, Public-Civil Community Partnership for Immigrants, the Immigration and Asylum Policy in Europe, Immigration-Culture and Identity, Multiculturalism and Diversity Management in Europe, Basic Immigrant Rights in Europe-Means of Implementation, and Immigration Rights in Turkey and Access to the Legal System. 

The Training Program was attended by representatives of units working on migration and refugees, vice-presidents, council members and representatives of non-governmental organizations across District Municipalities of Istanbul.

Program Participants:

•Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

•Büyükçekmece Municipality

•Pendik Municipality

•Bakırköy Municipality

•Şişli Municipality

•Kadıköy Municipality 

•Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality

•Ümraniye Municipality

•Beşiktaş Municipality

•Maltepe Municipality

•Üsküdar Municipality

•Bağcılar Municipality

•Başakşehir Municipality

•Küçükçekmece Municipality

•Çatalca Municipality

•Zeytinburnu Municipality

•Hazar Foundation

•Deniz Feneri Association

•Human Rights Foundation of Turkey